PhD thesis – Subvertising: on the life and death of advertising

Two years after my initial submission, I have decided to upload my PhD thesis, completed in Geography at the University of Southampton. It offers some light Christmas reading! You can download it here:

Short summary: the thesis is the first in-depth study of subvertising – illegal interventions into outdoor advertising. Spending over two years with subvertisers in large cities in the West, the thesis examines the subjects, politics and practices of subvertising. Refusing to simply celebrate the potential of antagonistic practice, it brings into view the intricate relations between advertising and subvertising, shedding unforeseen light on the peculiar ways lifewords at odds with capitalism end up serving its market interests, and the role of the advertising industry therein. To do so, the study offers a conceptualisation of ‘recuperative capitalism’, and reflects on paths of escape from its overwhelming reach.