Writings & Activities


Dekeyser, T. (2016) The gaps of architectural life: the affective politics of Gordon Matta-Clarks Conical IntersectTransactions of the Institute of British Geographers, DOI:10.1111/tran.12166. 

Dekeyser, T. (2015) Why artists installed 600 fake adverts at COP21, The Conversation, 7th December.

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Dekeyser, T. (2015) Celebrating the final moments of doomed buildings – in pictures, The Guardian, 28th July.

Dekeyser, T. and Watling, E. (2014) Urbex in Cambodia, Milk magazine, issue 1.

Conference Papers & sessions

Dekeyser, T. (2017) Concretisation and the affective affordance of outdoor advertising. Presented at RGS-IBG 2017 Annual Conference in session ‘Geography’s Technology: Conceptualising technology, technics and the technological’.

Dekeyser, T. (2017) The city subvertised: profanation and allure. Presented at University of Southampton Postgraduate Conference.

Dekeyser, T. (2016) Geographic methods meet video art: Glitches, time-images and the powers of the false. Presented at RGS-IBG 2016 Annual Conference in session ‘Beyond interdisciplinarity: Situating practice in the art-geography nexus’.

Chair & co-convenor of ‘Holey space: Alterior imaginations, urbanism, resistance and affect’ session at RGS-IBG 2016 Annual Conference.

Dekeyser, T. (2016) Distorting Urban Habits: Subvertising and the re-engineering of affect. Presented at AAG 2016 Annual Conference San Francisco in session ‘Critical Artscapes/Resilient Artists’.

Dekeyser, T. (2016) Last Breath. Presented at AAG 2016 Annual Conference San Francisco in session ‘Geocentric Work of Art: Creative Minds Doing Things Beyond Academic Boundaries’.

Dekeyser, T. (2016) Habit, affect and outdoor-advertising encounters. Presented at RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Newcastle in session ‘Affective Geographies’.

Participation & Organisation

August 2015 – Cities of Void. Organisation of Passengerfilms edition on the topic of post-apocalyptic space, including chairing a panel discussion with Paul Dobraszczyk (University of Manchester), Emma Fraser (University of Manchester) and Oliver Harrison (artist).

January 2015 – Reconfiguring Ruins: Materialities, Processes and Mediations; artist workshop organised by School of Advanced Study, Open University, Newcastle University, Sheffield University, New Bridge Project and the Museum of London Archaeology, funded by an AHRC ‘Care for the Future’ Developmental Award. (artist-researcher participation)

October 2014 – Cities Methodologies 2014; urban research exhibition organised by UCL Urban Lab. (artist-researcher participation)

Press features

Emily W. (2014) A Breath of life for Molyvann building, Phnom Penh Post, May 16 2014.

Bailey, J. (2014) Urban explorers uncover hidden gems, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 11 2014.

Watling, E. (2014) Last Breath, What’s Up Phnom Penh, June 2014 issue.


RGS Postgraduate Research Award, March 2016. £1250.

RCUK 3-year PhD scholarship, £14,553/annum.