Thomas Dekeyser

Thomas Dekeyser Distorted Space

In February 2014 I resigned from my ‘brand planning’ job at advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi London on the ground of moral reasons. Since then, I have ventured on a new path into the academic field of ‘Cultural Geography’. In my work I am particularly interested in crossing the boundaries of academia by trying to expand it into the spheres of arts and activism. This article should give you a sense of what I mean by that.

I am now a PhD Candidate at the University of Southampton researching the politics and subjectivities of ‘subvertising’ (the attacking/altering of outdoor advertising by activists and artists). The broader fields of interest informing my PhD include outdoor advertising, urban/architectural subversion, video art and radical political philosophies. This blog is employed both as a kind-of thinking sketch book and also a place to gather finished writing, photography and film productions.

A full overview of my CV you can find here and a perhaps less official insight into my activities can be read on my Twitter feed.

If you have any thoughts/questions/critiques, please address them to